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  [Common] How are U-turns made?
  [TLSI] How are right turns made on the TLSI ?
  [TLSI] Columns appear to be necessary in the middle of the lower level road to support the upper level road, and going straight and making left turns around the columns appear to pose problems in the TLSI.
  [TLSI] For the lower level road, left turns are made from under the overpass. Making left turns below an overpass is not a common way of making left turns.
  [TLSI] Does TLSI cost more to construct?
  [TLSI] Road is a continuous flow of traffic. It would make little impact on the entire flow of traffic by altering the mechanism of one intersection. On the contrary, it would only create a traffic jam in the next intersection.
  [TLSI] There appears to be danger of wrong way traffic.
  [TLSI] Paths of the vehicles making left turns and those making right turns cross each other.
  [TLSI] Many intersections provide crosswalk for pedestrians to cross the road.
  [TLRA] How do pedestrians cross the road on the two-level roundabout?
  [TLRA] Does the upper roundabout have to be larger than the lower roundabout?
  [NSIC] The straight through lanes in the diagram has two lanes for each direction, but the flat intersection has four lanes for each direction. Could this be a problem?